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Commercial zoning laws can throw a wrench in your plans

When jumping into a commercial real estate transaction, it may be your first time or a somewhat familiar process. Either way, every commercial real estate transaction has nuances that make each deal different from the deal done before it. Whatever the deal, commercial zoning laws will likely impact how the building or deal is done. Whether in how the building is repurposed, or how it is built, commercial zoning can greatly impact that decision.

Seeking legal help for real estate litigation

Developers in Louisiana play an important role in the state's economy. By executing commercial real estate sales and purchases, businesses obtain the space needed to grow and become fruitful, or conversely, are able to wind down the affairs of the business should the business decide to sell. Many times these transactions go through without many hiccups in the process. Other times, however, significant disputes arise in when executing a real estate transaction, leading to litigation.

Franchising can lead to financial success for immigrants

Many people immigrate to the United States in hopes of paving the way towards a future they could never have in their old country. In Louisiana and across the nation, it is possible for a person to start their own business, and see it grow and thrive. In fact, while only 13.5 percent of the population of the United States consists of immigrants, 27.5 percent of new small business owners in the United States are immigrants.

Is the Louisiana commercial real estate bubble going to burst?

It used to be the thing for teenagers and other shoppers to do -- hang out at the mall. Malls had a variety of stores, so just about anyone could find one they liked. However, recently, malls and other commercial retailers have been suffering financially.

Understanding venture capital and how it works

One of the primary concerns for entrepreneurs starting a business is start-up capital. Financing a start-up company is essential, which is why it is useful for entrepreneurs to be familiar with different options for financing their start-up business, how they work and the important legal implications that may be associated with each. One financing option to consider is venture capital. Start-ups that are funded through venture capital typically cycle through four phases.

Legal resources help businesses with challenges they face

When entering into a commercial real estate transaction, everyone expects the best but it is important to also plan when things go wrong and not according to plan. Unfortunately, commercial real estate transactions can sometimes go awry and may lead to litigation. As a result, it is important to be prepared to navigate the legal steps associated with a commercial real estate transaction and also to understand how to respond if problems with the transaction do arise.

Louisiana restaurant seeks to grow through expansion

Franchising opportunities are an option for business expansion. Recent reports note that a popular gourmet hot dog restaurant is expanding in Louisiana and another neighboring state. It was also reported that the restaurant chain has an eye on expansion into Baton Rouge and the entire south over the next five years. The restaurant chain intends to expand through franchises and corporate-owned restaurants. The CEO and president of the company, who is a certified franchise executive, noted the importance of the Baton Rouge market to the restaurant chain.

Large Baton Rouge commercial real estate property on the market

A lot of thought can go into a successful commercial real estate transaction. In Baton Rouge, 725,000 square feet of retail and office space recently went up for sale. A total of 4,000 employees work for various tenants in the center. Tenants include insurance companies and businesses such as construction companies, mortgage companies, engineering firms, a technology incubator and a communications company that owns its property at the center of the complex and others. The center has maintained 80 percent occupancy for the past 10 years.

What is venture capital and how can it help my business?

There are different methods of financing business, real estate and other growth opportunities for your company. You may have heard of venture capital as a method of financing but may be unsure exactly what it is. Venture capital is a type of equity-based financing that may be best for entrepreneurs starting out a business. Venture capital can help start-up businesses that may be unable to obtain traditional financing, such as financing from banks and public markets, because of their size, assets or nascent stage of development.

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