Oscar-winning movie studio to open branch in Louisiana

Oscar-winning movie studio to open branch in Louisiana

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It is a good year for the German movie studio Pixomondo, which just recently won multiple Oscar awards for their special effects work in the newest Martin Scorsese movie, “Hugo.” The company has plans to continue that success, and they started with a recent announcement that they will open a new branch in Baton Rouge. Pixomondo cited the growing movie business in the region as a major reason for their decision. They intend to open a new $1.2 million building that will employ up to 75 people.

Gov. Bobby Jindal, who was present at the company’s announcement, expressed his enthusiasm for Pixomondo’s choice to expand into Louisiana, as well as his support for the growth of the digital entertainment industry. And the industry is growing: spending related to film projects last year in Louisiana topped $1 billion. Another positive consequence of Pixomondo opening a studio is the increased need for new jobs to support the industry. As new jobs are added and new revenue is brought to the state, the potential for growth rises; for those considering starting a business, now may be the time to act.

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