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April 2012 Archives

Louisiana's economic recovery 2 years post-oil spill

Those in Louisiana that are worried about long-term economic hardship as a result of the BP oil spill may be able to breathe a little easier, according to recent statements by business economists. 24 months after the incident, residents who depend on offshore industry are not as financially unstable as previously predicted. This may be a result of effective business operations and the subsequent approximately $20 billion spent by BP for oil spill damages. Nearly $2 billion dollars was paid directly to citizens and business owners in the region.

Deal reached in Tribune Broadcasting contract dispute

Louisiana DirecTV subscribers may regain access to some channels that are currently blocked resulting from a contract dispute. Tribune Broadcasting and DirecTV reached a deal regarding the contract dispute over the compensation that Tribune Broadcasting would receive from allowing DirecTV to carry their content.

Dairy Queen looking to expand to several Baton Rouge sites

When a business decides to incorporate or expand, one of the considerations that must be taken into account -- particularly for retail -- is location. And it's one thing to simply find a location but another thing entirely to complete a commercial real estate transaction in order to acquire land and/or buildings that will be needed.

Are tax breaks the best way to attract start-ups to Louisiana?

A proposed set of tax breaks for businesses has caused a rift between the Louisiana Legislature's chief economist and Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration. The differences stem from the potential effectiveness and the costs associated with the proposed tax breaks.

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