Property tax break bill passes Louisiana State Senate

Property tax break bill passes Louisiana State Senate

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Proposed House Bills 674 and 694, which would give local government entities the capability to temporarily grant property tax breaks to companies that shift their operations to the state, passed the Louisiana State Senate recently. Some of the basic requirements for the property tax to be an option include having to hire at least 50 new, full-time positions as well as having to spend $25 million on the commercial real estate on which the building is located.

The bills did not pass through the Senate unchanged, however. Several significant additions were included in the Senate versions of the bills, including additional requirements before a parish can opt into the program. The original bills required only that parish governments support the program, the Senate version requires that municipalities, school boards, law enforcement and the local tax assessor all provide their support now as well. These added requirements seek to allow those in the local community who are unsupportive of the move to be capable of preventing it. The bills now head back to the House so the two differing versions can be reconciled.

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