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June 2012 Archives

Casino acquisition approved by Louisiana Gaming Control Board

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board, the body charged with overseeing and regulating the state's gaming industry, has approved the acquisition of Creative Casinos by Ameristar. The casino, which has yet to be built, will now be named Ameristar Lake Charles and is expected to open in approximately two years. It must open before July 2014 per the conditions of the license.

Is a merger between US Airways and American Airlines imminent?

Louisiana travelers may be interested to know that the potential merger between US Airways and American Airlines is gaining momentum. According to comments recently made by the CEO of US Airways, the benefits of a potential merger between the two groups could help both organizations achieve their business goals and make up for their individual shortcomings -- an event that would doubtless trigger much business litigation.

Study contends that job growth could result from BP fines

After the seemingly endless series of devastation that the Gulf Coast region suffered in recent years, many experts would argue it needs a restoration to reinvigorate economic growth. Once money has been invested for restoration to begin, there is potential for the coast to grow into long-term economic recovery. An influx of money spent on development or restoration of an environment can lead to the creation of new jobs, which in turn could lead to even more thriving development as people consider starting a business or expanding their current one in order to meet new demands. This growth can grab the attention of investors, which could bring in more money to the region. The question is how to begin this process of restoring the Gulf Coast region back to where it was.

Merger of Pep Boys and Gores Group falls through

Mergers and acquisitions are complex business transactions that require foresight, careful planning and a bit of luck. There is wide range of things to consider such as financial ramifications, the meshing of corporate cultures and even intellectual property concerns or real estate issues. With so many variables at play, it's a very real possibility that potential mergers can fall though and a business dispute can emerge. During a merger or acquisition, when the stakes are high, the results of even a single quarterly report can spell doom for the transaction. Such is the case with the merger between Pep Boys and Gores Group.

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