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July 2012 Archives

New Louisiana methanol plant set to spark new business formation

Governor Bobby Jindal recently announced that Methanex, a company which specializes in the production of methanol, will be relocating a production plant from Chile to a new site in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.

Louisiana retail store owner sells business amid legal troubles

Louisianans may be interested to know that School Time, a Louisiana-based uniform store, has purchased KMS Uniforms. The sale of the business comes shortly after the owner of KMS was ordered to shut down by a local district court judge.

Chesapeake Energy files to appeal contract dispute ruling

The Chesapeake Energy Corporation recently asked New Orleans appeals judges to reverse a 2011 ruling that ordered the company to pay $19.7 million dollars to a lease owner. A U.S. district court originally ruled in favor of the defendant, indicating that Chesapeake was in breach of contract for cancelling an energy rights agreement with Peak Energy.

Lease sale opens land for oil exploration off Louisiana's shore

In order to grow and expand, it's often important for a business to find the right location, have the right supplies and have clients willing and ready to buy their product or service. Sometimes, however, the right commercial real estate may not be available for purchase by the business from its owners. In these situations, other real estate transactions can be negotiated to suit the needs of all parties, such as a lease agreement.

Louisiana Costco construction approved

The plans to construct a Costco store on South Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans were approved by the New Orleans City Council on Thursday. While this may not sound too intriguing, the events which transpired illustrate several interesting and important lessons for those who are considering starting a business.

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