New Louisiana methanol plant set to spark new business formation

New Louisiana methanol plant set to spark new business formation

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Governor Bobby Jindal recently announced that Methanex, a company which specializes in the production of methanol, will be relocating a production plant from Chile to a new site in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.

The plant is expected to have a staff of approximately 130 employees, and an additional 996 indirect jobs are projected to be created as a result of needs generated by this new plant and its employees. According to the company, the average income of a worker at the plant will be approximately $56,250 a year, in addition to benefits.

By spending this extra income within our community new jobs and businesses opportunities will likely be created. That means there is potential for new businesses to sprout up in order to serve the needs of these new employees. This may be good news for those who are interested in starting a business.

The company decided to move to Louisiana largely, they say, as a result of the large concentration of other natural gasses and supplies needed in Ascension Parish. Another reason given for the move was the site’s accessibility to important transportation routes, such as interstate highways, railroads and rivers.

The facility’s construction is scheduled to begin in late 2012 and is set for completion in late 2014. Many people will have to be hired in order to complete this project, which represents another great business and economic opportunity.

As the economy begins to turn around and Louisiana becomes revitalized by new economic activity, there will be a number of residents who will be able to seize the opportunity and follow their passions.

If you have considered opening a new business in Louisiana, now may be the time. However, business formation can be a complex issue, and often requires legal advice if you aren’t familiar with the inner workings of the legal issues behind running a business.


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