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September 2012 Archives

Major credit unions call off merger after NCUA delay

Getting the details of a merger worked out and agreed on by the leadership of both organizations can be an ordeal, but it is not the only potential issue that business owners need to consider. Implementation of merger plans can lead to a business dispute. In addition, mergers often need to meet strict governmental regulations that require significant oversight. Without the proper preparations and expectations, this step in the process can be a major roadblock to a successful merger.

Louisiana crab businesses feel economic pain of Hurricane Isaac

Crab fishers are suffering yet another economic hardship, this time as a result of Hurricane Isaac. The natural disaster is responsible for sinking ships, electricity outages and devastation of the crab harvesting infrastructure, all of which are major setbacks to the crabbing industry. As a result of these setbacks, it's a possibility that some businesses will be incapable of suffering the loss and could be looking at a dissolution or sale of business.

Mergers in airline industry continue with American Airlines

In an update to a story previously covered in this blog, Louisiana residents may be interested to learn that the merger between American Airlines and US Airways has taken a step forward. The two businesses have formally started engaging in talks, wherein the two organizations will work with one another to determine whether or not a merger is in their best interests. If these talks eventually lead to the merger of the two businesses, the result would be the creation of one of the largest airline providers in the world.

Goldman Sachs merger complicated by shareholder lawsuits

Louisianans who know how complex the mergers and acquisitions process is will not be surprised to hear that even Wall Street titans like Goldman Sachs run into complications. The firm has seen several setbacks recently, all tied to business litigation struggles with a pension fund from Louisiana.

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