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October 2012 Archives

Merger between The Shaw Group and CB&I faces challenges

Oftentimes mergers and acquisitions can be smooth processes, provided that the management of both companies share similar views and their employees and stock-holders have been adequately involved in the process. One should not underestimate the potential problems that can be caused by a dissatisfied group of shareholders who could bring merger-halting business litigation. The proposed merger between Baton Rouge's The Shaw Group and CB&I may be facing this exact problem.

Beyond raising capital, what should new business owners consider?

Anyone who owns or is contemplating beginning their own business understands it can be a difficult process. Besides the initial problem of deciding what product to sell or service to offer, there are the logistical issues of determining how you will go about making your plans a reality. Even if budding entrepreneurs have a well-established business plan, figuring out how to finance the process of starting a business or find investors can be one of the most complicated problems an individual can face.

Indications of a smooth merger for two Louisiana banks MidSouth to acquire The Peoples State Bank

When two companies share similar outlooks in their approach to running a business, the mergers and acquisitions process can become easier. Since one of the most fundamental issues in a merger is attempting to mesh the two sets of cultures and employees in a way that is conducive to success, when the two already share similar outlooks on their business this process can become more intuitive and be more quickly resolved. Instead of needing extensive business litigation to work through issues, these problems can sometimes be sidestepped altogether.

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