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November 2012 Archives

Hewlett-Packard's quarterly loss linked to acquisition misstep

As Louisiana business owners can attest, expansion by acquiring a new business can be an excellent way to grow your company. Regardless of the structure of the deal, it is vital for the purchasing business to do its due diligence to ensure that the purchase will be profitable and as seamless as possible. Due diligence is also essential to avoid costly business disputes and litigation.

Louisiana bank awaiting federal approval of acquisition

When a person or group of individuals starts a business in Louisiana, the first of its business goals is always to establish the company in the local market. Soon, if the business finds success, in many cases the leaders may turn their attention to expanding operations. Initially, this may mean opening additional locations; at some point, however, those in power may look into the option of acquiring other companies to enhance the original business. Although this can sometimes lead to business litigation, if proper planning is involved, the interested parties may be able to reap great rewards.

Debate rages over controversial commercial real estate sale

A plan to sell commercial real estate across from the Louisiana Capital may have run into a roadblock with the recent news that the property was appraised nearly $2 million less than Governor Bobby Jindal had hoped. Governor Jindal had hoped to generate approximately $5 million in the sale of the building in downtown Baton Rouge, which previously housed an insurance company. Unfortunately for the plan, the newest appraisal put the value of the location at $2.8 million.

How can entrepreneurs make their business vision a reality?

Hoping to provide one Louisiana with a new and unique place to buy locally-sourced meats, the Cleaver & Co. butcher shop made plans to open its doors. The owners, who met while in a master's degree program, determined that starting a business together was the best way to fulfill their career goals.

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