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Top golfer sued for breach of contract

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, parties enter into contracts for various reasons. Contracts are entered into for the sale of goods and for the lease or purchase of land. In Hollywood, a common contract entered into is the endorsement contract. Regardless of the kind of contract created, with all contracts, violation of the contract terms can result in financial injury to the breaching party.

What to consider when starting a business

Starting a business is a process. One of the first steps in this process is deciding which idea to run with. Entrepreneurs often have a number of business ideas in their head, but it is difficult for them to commit to one. There are, however, four questions that Louisiana entrepreneurs should ask that will help them hone in on a great business idea.

Hostess to liquidate and attempt a sale of business assets

As many residents of Baton Rouge are aware, Hostess has been known for many years for its sweet products, most notably its Twinkies. However, with the company being forced to dissolve and enter into negotiations for a sale of business, laying off over 18,000 workers in the process, it does not appear that a sweet ending is in sight for the company.

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