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January 2013 Archives

Former employee sues employer for breach of contract

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when an employee begins to work for an employer, the parties will often enter into an employment contract. The contract may provide for such items as salary, responsibilities of the employee, the duration of the employment and conditions of termination. Like any contract, the failure of either party to fulfill his or her responsibilities under the employment contract is a breach of the contract that may have legal consequences.

Baton Rouge company acquires Lafayette business

All businesses want to be successful. Mergers and acquisitions are very common business strategies used to improve the success of a business. Sometimes a larger business will merge with or acquire a smaller business in an attempt to improve the strength of the larger business and achieve success.

Shareholders can benefit from mergers

From agricultural businesses to the service industry, the United States is home to a multitude of different types of companies. Despite differences in specific business goals, the common goal of all businesses is find success. Sometimes, in an attempt to improve the strength and success of a business, Louisiana business leaders will pursue a merger or acquisition.

Helping a family business stand the test of time

Some of the best known businesses in America started off as family owned businesses. So, what makes the difference between those that continue and those that close with the passing of the founder? Ensuring that a family business transitions properly from one generation to another takes sound business planning. Efficient planning for the future is essential to preserving a company.

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