Former employee sues employer for breach of contract

Former employee sues employer for breach of contract

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In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when an employee begins to work for an employer, the parties will often enter into an employment contract. The contract may provide for such items as salary, responsibilities of the employee, the duration of the employment and conditions of termination. Like any contract, the failure of either party to fulfill his or her responsibilities under the employment contract is a breach of the contract that may have legal consequences.

A former employee of White Dove Landscaping has brought a lawsuit against the company for breach of contract. The employee alleges that White Dove, a New Orleans-based company, breached their oral employment contract when it terminated the employee for no reason. The lawsuit claims that the employee is owed over $2,000 for labor.

A contract creates certain obligations between the parties who entered into the agreement. If a party to the agreement fails to live up to the terms of the agreement, that party has violated the terms of the contract. As a result, the non-breaching party may be able to bring a lawsuit against the breaching party to either have the contract enforced or recover damages for financial harm caused by breaking the contract.

Violation of the terms of a contract can result in substantial financial consequences for the party who broke the contract. Here, if the court finds that White Dove was in breach of its contract with the former employee when it fired him without serious grounds, the former employee may be entitled to recover for the financial harm caused by the breach, as well as legal fees.

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