Contractors bring breach of contract lawsuit against home renovation company

Contractors bring breach of contract lawsuit against home renovation company

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Parties enter into contracts because it is a legally binding agreement. The agreement creates certain obligations between the parties to the contract, either to do or not to do something. Unfortunately, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, parties do not always hold up their end of the agreement, resulting in breach of the contract.

Two St. Tammany Parish contractors have filed a lawsuit against a home renovation company for breach of contract. According to the plaintiffs, they parties entered into a contract where the plaintiffs would work as subcontractors on two construction projects in New Orleans. The plaintiffs, however, allege that they were never paid for their completed work.

In their complaint, the plaintiffs allege that the home renovation company is guilty of not performing in accordance with the contract terms, failing to perform the contract in good faith and intending to obtain an unfair advantage, among other allegations. The contractors are seeking compensatory damages, non-pecuniary damages, the money owed for their services and attorney’s fees.

A contract is an agreement between two or more parties. A party to a contract can be an individual or a business. If any party to an agreement fails to fulfill his or her obligations, that party is in violation of the contract terms. The non-breaching party may file a lawsuit against the breaching party. Through the suit, the non-breaching party may seek to either have the contract enforced or recover financial damages.

Here, if the court finds that the home renovation company breached its contract with the contractors by failing to pay them for work completed, the contractors may be entitled to the previously agreed upon amount for their services in addition to damages.

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