Subcontractor files breach of contract suit

Subcontractor files breach of contract suit

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Parties enter into contracts because it is an agreement that legally requires that each party involved fulfill his end of the bargain. While parties in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, constantly enter into contracts, not all hold up their end of the agreement. If a party to the contract fails to perform in accordance with its terms, that party is in breach of the contract.

A lawsuit has been recently been brought against a local building company for breach of contract. The plaintiff filed the lawsuit after the defendant failed to pay him for his services. The parties had previously entered into a contract, where the plaintiff would work as a subcontractor for the defendant and perform construction services on an apartment complex.

In his suit, the plaintiff claimed that, after the work was completed, he sent an invoice to the defendant, which included the amount owed. The defendant, however, has continuously refused to pay the plaintiff for his work. He is seeking over $20,000, which is the amount owed for his work.

A contract is legally binding agreement between two or more parties. Parties are in violation of the contract terms if they fail to meet their obligations under the contract. If a party breaches a contract, the non-breaching party may file a lawsuit against the breaching party and seek to either have the contract enforced or recover for any financial harm that occurred as a result of the breach.

Here, if the court finds that builders breached its contract with the subcontractor by failing to pay him for services completed, the plaintiff may be entitled to the amount owed to him under the contract.

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