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May 2013 Archives

Louisiana oil and gas company set to be acquired at end of May

Business transactions are often complicated and require delicate negotiations. Mergers and acquisitions are no exception. In most cases, the players involved want to focus on the key issues and avoid problems. Inevitably, business disputes sometimes arise, however. A smart and calculated response can help settle the dispute while a miscalculation or wrong step can completely kill the deal.

Jefferson Parish couple files breach of contract suit against contractor

In the majority of business arrangements entered into between parties in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a contract has been created. A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. A party to a contract can be an individual or business. Parties enter into contracts because there is legal recourse in the event that one party fails to hold up his or her end of the agreement.

Metairie company files breach of contract suit against contractor

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when a party wants to make sure that an agreement will be enforced, it will enter into a contract. This is because a contract is a legally binding agreement, which creates certain obligations between the parties to the contract. If either party to the contract violates any of the contract terms, that party has breached the contract terms and is liable for the breach in a court of law.

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