Publishers acquire Florida newspapers

Publishers acquire Florida newspapers

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Businesses in Baton Rouge engage in a number of different business transactions. Mergers and acquisitions are transactions frequently entered into, both as a way for a company to expand and stay afloat.

Lakeway Publishers, Inc. has made public its acquisition of a number of Florida newspapers. In addition to the acquisition, Lakeway Publishers will also create a new company, Lakeway Publishers of Florida Inc., which will include the newspapers previously owned by Sun Publications of Florida Inc. Lakeway has already acquired newspapers in Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri. It is also the owner of the Louisiana Press-Journal. The president of Lakeway Publishers believes that further expansion will strengthen the company’s position in its industry.

It is very common for one business to acquire another business. However, before businesses enter into this kind of deal, the acquiring company will first want to find out all it can about the acquired company. As a result, it is vital that the acquiring company conduct a due diligence investigation into the acquired company’s operations. The acquiring company will want to gain insight into the other company’s finances, assets, licenses and employees. The acquiring company will also want to be aware of any and all contracts the acquired company has entered into with other parties.

All businesses should want to get the best deal it can out of a business transaction. That is why before companies enter into an acquisition deal, the acquiring company will want to conduct a due diligence investigation into the acquired company. Here, Lakeway Publishers likely performed a detailed inquiry into Sun Publications before acquiring its newspapers.

A lot of details and thoughts are needed when a merger or acquisition takes place. The process may be long and could require much research before any decisions can be made.

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