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June 2013 Archives

Court rules in entertainment industry giants' contract dispute

As many here in Baton Rouge know, the business world makes agreements and contracts on a daily basis. Contractual agreements are particularly important when conducting business to safeguard the interests of all parties involved. In many instances, no issues arise and all sides are happy. Yet sometimes, accusations that one side did not carry out its obligations can result in a lawsuit for breach of contract.

Knowledge is power when it comes to business start-ups

For many Baton Rouge residents, planning to start a business is a great way to do something one loves and be their own boss. But it can be also be overwhelming for many. Starting a business can be stressful and can consume both time and money.

Louisiana company buys land to develop hotel in Montana

Property can be a very lucrative investment. Many Louisiana residents and companies may start small, growing their property portfolio over time to generate a substantial and continuous source of revenue. Real estate transactions are not always easy, however, and many developers and buyers may find themselves plagued by problems in certain deals. Nevertheless, with the right guidance and legal counsel, buying and developing certain pieces of property can be a very wise investment.

Ownership disputes can threaten a Louisiana business

Business negotiations can be risky and volatile. It can often be hard to predict whether a particular move will result in success or failure for a business, or land somewhere in between. One of the most difficult aspects of a business involves starting a business, when the groundwork is laid for a successful future or a rocky road full of conflicts. When there are problems in the initial business formation or a business partnership breaks down, the results can be very troubling, as a Louisiana man has recently discovered.

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