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July 2013 Archives

Edison going ahead with litigation after plant shutdown

The business world can be volatile; especially when it comes to contractual obligations. There is a saying that a contract is meant to be broken. But the majority of the time Baton Rouge businesses do want to hold up their end of the bargain. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances or monetary issues, not all contracts are held to their word.

Louisiana cities seek to foster new business formation

Opening a business can be a risky decision, but it can also be rewarding. Many regions of the country are actively seeking to improve the chance that taking the risk of opening a business in their area will prove to be rewarding to entrepreneurs.

Zoning laws hinder potential development along Interstate 10

Business owners know that opening or expanding a business can be cumbersome. Even building a new facility has many legal hoops to jump through. Many times a site one chooses isn't zoned for the planned business. Once a sale goes through and the business owns the land, zoning laws can be a headache of their own. Real estate transactions can hang in the balance if these issues cannot be cleared up.

Public merger of AMR and US Airways will create largest carrier

In the business world, there are mergers and similar transactions that take place on an almost daily basis. For business owners in Baton Rouge, there are concerns to keep in mind throughout complex business acquisitions. There are regulatory concerns, concerns as a competitor, and many other things to keep an eye on when pursuing business goals.

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