Zoning laws hinder potential development along Interstate 10

Zoning laws hinder potential development along Interstate 10

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Business owners know that opening or expanding a business can be cumbersome. Even building a new facility has many legal hoops to jump through. Many times a site one chooses isn’t zoned for the planned business. Once a sale goes through and the business owns the land, zoning laws can be a headache of their own. Real estate transactions can hang in the balance if these issues cannot be cleared up.

In nearby Gonzales, owners of a stretch of land near Interstate 10 are trying to get the area rezoned for both commercial and residential development. However they are running into some issues and it has not yet been approved.

There are approximately 340 acres that the owners would like to develop into businesses, homes and apartment complexes. The owners also offered some of their land to be donated to expand the freeway. A concern of the zoning committee is that the owners don’t have developers or an exact plan on the specific businesses that would be coming to the area if it is rezoned. While the board rejected the plan to rezone, it’s possible that rezoning could still occur if the plan for development becomes clearer.

Although many business owners may not face a rezoning issue of this size, these roadblocks can happen to anyone. The sale of this land could be breached or withdrawn completely because of the zoning issues. Legal counsel can help determine if there is a breach or even protect from a breach if the zoning problem cannot be resolved. Protecting one’s self and business is key in making business dreams a reality.

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