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August 2013 Archives

Casino sold in effort to appease antitrust officials

Quite often, business owners must come face-to-face with a business dispute. Sometimes the dispute arises from another company, a customer, or an employee. Sometimes the issue is brought on by the government. The problems can range from contract disputes to problems with demand and paying off creditors. No matter what type of issue arises, business owners are sometimes put in a position where selling their business is in their best interest.

Public merger of two airlines on hold by Dept. of Justice

Businesses around Baton Rouge face acquisitions or mergers on a daily basis. And it's probably safe to say that most transactions are dictated by rules and regulations by different government entities. Sometimes the decisions made by the government can determine if a merger even takes place. Be it federal, state or city, someone always has a hand in these and some even end in business litigation.

Sale of Washington Post benefits lagging paper

Although the economy seems to be improving lately, its past difficulties are still being felt. Often people think of individuals who have been hurt by the recession. But business, large and small alike in Baton Rouge, have had their shares of bumps and bruises from the economic downslide. Sometimes owners have to downsize their businesses. Other times, business are merged or even outright sold to other companies. Whatever the reason, the sale of business can be stressful for all involved.

Kenner plans to rezone airport to attract developers

Baton Rouge business owners know that location can be everything. Whether it's relocation or a new land purchase, where one's business ends up is crucial. But often, the desired location is not available or even worse, not yet zoned for business. Commercial real estate can certainly have its ups and downs.

Competitor questions Publicis-Ominicom merger

Businesses are constantly trying to move on to bigger and better things. They may try to bring new products to clients or customers, they may try a new way of operating or they may want to increase their business or its customer base. Many do this by either buying into businesses or allowing their business to be purchased.

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