Sale of Washington Post benefits lagging paper

Sale of Washington Post benefits lagging paper

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Although the economy seems to be improving lately, its past difficulties are still being felt. Often people think of individuals who have been hurt by the recession. But business, large and small alike in Baton Rouge, have had their shares of bumps and bruises from the economic downslide. Sometimes owners have to downsize their businesses. Other times, business are merged or even outright sold to other companies. Whatever the reason, the sale of business can be stressful for all involved.

The Washington Post is being sold to the man who founded and although it may at first seem like an unlikely match, the internet has changed the media world and founder Jeff Bezos is taking advantage of that. Bezos purchased the company for $250 million and will be its only owner.

Although The Post was considered a legacy, it has started to go the way many other print based newspapers have gone. Losing money and being unable to keep up with the new digital age, the company was merely surviving. The sale seems to be in the best interest of the paper. Bezos plans to think long-term with the paper and improve its chances for success.

While this is a large scale purchase, many smaller companies are in the position to either buy or sell. This can be a complicated process and it is important to ensure that the it all goes smoothly and having an experienced attorney can help. An attorney can review contract negotiations or help put a sale in motion. Business transactions do not have to be daunting and can benefit both sides.

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