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September 2013 Archives

Old ferry terminal for sale in Louisiana

Land and property are big business. Many Louisiana developers keep their eyes open for the next perfect property, one that is ready to be sold at a reasonable price and able to turn a profit. Real estate transactions can be complex, however, and it can take careful and savvy negotiation to obtain the right terms and get the deal hoped for.

Packaging Corporation of America acquires competitor

When a company seeks to expand its share of a market, they may consider the possibility of acquiring a competitor. While the complexities of an acquisition may expand when dealing with larger businesses, it is a strategy that even small to mid-sized businesses in Louisiana can utilize if properly managed. Yet, for all their complexities, acquisitions occur regularly in the business world and can help companies meet their business goals.

Louisiana start-up shows promise in medical field

The decision to start a business is one that takes guts. Many take the plunge as soon as they have a business idea. Others dream of one day being able to make such a life changing decision. No matter when one decides to go into business on their own, those starting a business in Baton Rouge can find success.

Companies plan merger to become second largest stock exchange

Complex business transactions require careful consideration and special attention in order to avoid unwanted results. Poorly negotiated Mergers, for example, may lead to business litigation, wasted time and money, and a situation where neither party is happy with the resolution. In some instances, the merger may be disallowed from occurring. Therefore, when one considers acquiring a new business or buying a company, he should consult with an experienced business transaction attorney.

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