Baton Rouge obtains contractual exclusive rights for Superfest

Baton Rouge obtains contractual exclusive rights for Superfest

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It appears that three musical groups headed to the popular Baton Rouge Bayou Country Superfest have nixed possible performances at the Cajundome concert due to breach of contract concerns. Two of the performers, George Strait and Luke Bryan, were scheduled to play neighboring Cajundome, however, their contracts with Superfest prevent them from doing so. The two have cancelled on the Cajundome event in a nearby Louisiana community after being contractually dissuaded from doing so.

A Cajundome representative stated they are precluded from further pursuing those acts and that the Superfest promoter placed a requirement in the performers’ contracts that they would not play another venue within a 175 mile radius for an 11-month period that encompasses the dates of Cajundome. Superfest representatives contend that contracts for exclusive rights are a long-standing industry practice. The representative for Cajundome responded that he had not encountered this before and that it has created economic loss for the event.

The representative further noted that from his perspective, the deal with George Strait had been a “done deal” for 18 months even though the contract had not been officially signed. He argued that negotiations had reached a certain point and that in the music-booking business, performers typically do not sign the contract until the tickets go on sale or about 6 weeks prior to the event. The signed contract, however, is the deal maker.

There can be many varieties of contract disputes. Contracts generally require an offer and acceptance and some form of consideration to be valid. Contracts do not necessarily have to be signed for a binding agreement to exist but it is much easier to prove the existence and terms of one when signed. A breach of a contract can occur when a party fails to perform in accordance with the terms of the agreement, fails to perform on time or does not perform at all. A breach of a business contract can often lead to unwanted litigation. Sometimes a breach of contract is avoidable but other times it may not be avoidable.

A trained business attorney can assist a party involved in a contract dispute in a variety of ways depending on the party’s circumstances. A business attorney can help the party enforce the contract, such as enforcing performance of the contract, or recover damages for the breach of contract or aid in obtaining cancellation of the contract.

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