Baton Rouge outdoor company merges with fishing company

Baton Rouge outdoor company merges with fishing company

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A newly formed strategic merger with a Baton Rouge outdoor-lifestyle company and an Illinois outdoor products company was recently announced. The merger is between Plano, a fishing accessories and outdoor sports storage system company, and Synergy Outdoors, based in Baton Rouge, which specializes in outdoor-related brands.

Synergy Outdoors will now offer both hunting and fishing products in its portfolio, according to an executive for the company. The two companies plan to grow one of the leading platforms in the outdoor products space through their joint efforts and through acquisitions. Both companies look to the merger as a growth opportunity and both companies expressed excitement about the merger.

Whether buying a company, a friendly acquisition or a merger, each business transaction presents both questions and decisions for the parties to consider. Questions related to valuation, appraisals and balance sheets may all arise as part of the normal process. Depending on the nature of the transaction, representation and warranty issues may also come up. Business partners to mergers may have concerns and considerations that require understanding and protection. At times, a business transaction will can lead to contention and possibly to litigation.

To both avoid and handle business disputes, a trained business attorney can likely help. A business attorney can help the party understand the merger process and answer any questions the party may have. A business attorney can advocate for the interests of the party’s business and help ensure that the party’s business goals are met and that the business is properly protected.

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