Oil cleanup company merger coming to Louisiana

Oil cleanup company merger coming to Louisiana

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To ensure a positive outcome throughout a merger process, it can be helpful for the parties involved in the merger to thoroughly understand the process and what to expect. A national private equity firm is forming a new company in a neighboring Louisiana community through the merger of a Louisiana offshore cleaning company and an out-of-state offshore waste-management company. The merger is expected to create 100 jobs in the neighboring Louisiana community. The newly-merged company will operate out of 14 locations throughout the Gulf Coast and Permian Basin areas while remaining headquartered in Louisiana.

The merger is also expected to create a unique and integrated environmental cleaning and waste-disposal company. One executive noted that the newly-merged company is utilizing EPA-approved processes that it takes a step further to provide the safest and most environmentally friendly method of managing oil field waste. A merger refers to the process of two or more companies combining together to form a single business, often with the goal of expanding a customer base.

Mergers can be complex business transactions with many important concerns for the parties to the transaction to consider. Whether the merger is a private merger, small business merger or public merger, business mergers can have many important considerations unique to each merger. Business valuation, shareholders and even government entities can all be potentially involved in a merger transaction, which can sometimes lead to business litigation. Because of this, it becomes important that parties to the merger have the right information to complete a successful merger.

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