Lobbying firm with Louisiana ties considers merger

Lobbying firm with Louisiana ties considers merger

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A merger can be a serious consideration for any company which is why legal tools and resources are available to assist and guide merging parties through the process.

A Washington lobbying firm with a Louisiana “power base” may be facing financial challenges and considering a merger. As the high-powered lobbying firm considers options, it was recently reported that one of the options it is considering is a merger with a significantly larger firm. The two companies are in merger talks over concerns the lobbying firm has that while it remains the leading lobbyist firm, the lead the firm has historically enjoyed is dwindling. As it sees revenue drops of 12 percent overall and 13 percent in lobbying revenue, its competitors are seeing revenue increases.

A merger is an important consideration for any corporate strategy. Business disputes can sometimes arise as part of complex business transactions. Every effort can and should be made to avoid business disputes whenever possible. It is important, however, that if one arises, valuable interests are protected.

In the course of a business merger, extensive due diligence and negotiations may be necessary. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is important to carefully consider both business goals and potential business partners when contemplating a merger. Considering every aspect of an important merger may help avoid problems in the future.

If faced with a business dispute, however, related to a merger or other business issue, it is important to have the proper advice and follow the proper course of action. A trained business attorney can help with every aspect of a merger or business litigation matter.

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