Popular chain restaurant sued for breach of contract

Popular chain restaurant sued for breach of contract

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When a contractual relationship has resulted in a contract dispute and a breach of contract claim must be made, it is important to understand the process of bringing a claim.

A Louisiana franchise of a popular chain restaurant is facing a breach of contract lawsuit. A linen services company is suing the restaurant for breach of contract. The linen services company asserts that it entered a 5-year contract with the restaurant in 2012. According to the linen services company, the restaurant began to refuse its services, in violation of the contract between the parties, at the end of 2013.

The linen services company is seeking total damages in the amount of $32,447.120. It asserts it is owed 204 remaining weeks of the contract and past due invoices for logo mats in the amount of $194.66 and $485.58. The linen services company seeks damages for the remaining 80 percent of the contract. Contract disputes can sometimes be a reality of doing business.

Most parties seek to avoid contract disputes and carefully enter into contract negotiations and agreements with that goal in mind. Sometimes, however, business contracts will result in disputes and litigation. When a breach of contract has occurred, it is important that a party be able to properly evaluate damages and assess bringing a claim for damages suffered. It is also important to approach breach of contract litigation seriously and to timely respond to any litigation.

Parties to a contract have both rights under the contract and through the legal system. Because contract disputes can result in serious financial harm, it is important to immediately begin protecting those important rights.

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