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May 2014 Archives

Construction company sues homeowner for breach of contract

While few businesses want contract litigation, sometimes circumstances related to a contract dispute require a party to enforce its contractual rights. A construction contract has led to a contract dispute in Louisiana. A construction company claims that a contract it entered into with a man for a home renovation was wrongfully canceled.

Women starting businesses in larger numbers

Owning and starting a business may be a dream many women several decades ago did not think was possible. Today, women are rapidly starting businesses. In the U.S., from 1997 to 2014, the number of businesses owned by women rose 68%. The growth rate was twice that for men.

Subcontractor sues contractor in Louisiana for breach of contract

Contract disputes can be both manageable and avoidable. A breach of contract lawsuit was filed in Louisiana last month by a subcontractor alleging a breach of contract. As part of an offshore living quarters construction project, the contractor used a fire sprinkler installation company as a subcontractor for the project. According to the contract between the parties, the subcontractor was to provide installation labor and materials for the installation of a fire sprinkler system. The subcontractor alleges that as part of the agreement between the parties, it was to receive monetary incentives for completing the project ahead of schedule.

Baton Rouge chemicals maker sells three business sectors

Business sales can be exciting opportunities for parties that embark prudently on the process. Establishing a well thought out plan could be a very lucrative moment for a company. It is important that all parties involved understand the agreements they are signing. This allows them to avoid any current or future issues with the sale or acquisition.

Baton Rouge land deal recently made for $2.3 million

A 4-acre tract of land in Baton Rouge recently sold for $2.3 million. Plans for the property were not immediately disclosed. The land is zoned for office and retail uses. The local construction company that sold the land owns five tracts in the local development of which the one that was sold is one. A representative of the construction company noted that the construction company is pleased with the sale and looking forward to working with future buyers.

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