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June 2014 Archives

Louisiana energy utility receives acquisition offer

A thorough understanding of a business opportunity can help better ensure its success. It was recently reported that a utility company a couple of hours north of Baton Rouge received a $5 billion, unsolicited, offer from an infrastructure investor. The reports caused the utility company's stock price to rise. Stock prices for the utility company have ranged from $43.69 to $56.37 over the past year but the company is looking for $61 to $62 a share and has hired a prominent investment bank as an advisor. The utility shopped itself around last year but failed to garner the price it was looking for in any acquisition.

Louisiana realtor accused of breach of contract in lawsuit

A Louisiana realtor is being sued for breach of contract because she allegedly backed out of an agreed upon sale of a piece of property the realtor owned. The man suing the realtor alleges he made an offer on the property the realtor both owned and listed. After a counteroffer was made by the realtor, a contract was allegedly executed for the sale.

Planning for success when starting a business

There are both benefits and challenges to owning a business. When endeavoring into a new business venture, the venturing party must be adequately prepared for both. It is important to identify what information is needed to begin a business and to collect that information. Most people who have decided to embark on the dream of starting their own business know which business they want to go in to. Beyond that, it is important to understand that business and conduct whatever type of market research is available to determine the best location for the business, the target customer for the business and whatever competition for the business might be out there.

Bank buys land, plans to build right away

A bank recently purchased land in the Baton Rouge area to build a branch at the location. The lot was purchased by the bank for $550,000 and is located at an intersection. The bank plans to immediately begin construction and hopes to be open by the end of the year. The bank will place a full-service branch at the location. The bank recently filed for a public offering of its stock, is currently building a branch in the area and plans to open three branches in the Baton Rouge area over the next three years.

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