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Louisiana start-up success depends on sound decisions

A successful Louisiana start-up depends in part on making the right choices at the outset. One of the best reasons to begin a business is to solve a problem that others face. Another useful tip for hopeful entrepreneurs starting a business is to focus more on customers than competitors. Focusing on needs of customers, and how to meet those needs, is critical to success.

Louisiana couple allege breach of contract by construction firm

When most individuals enter into a contract, they expect the terms of the contract to be honored. If they are not, the legal system offers protections. A Covington, Louisiana couple recently brought a breach of contract lawsuit against a home repair company. The couple hired the construction company to perform work on two properties they own. They allege the construction company held itself out as "knowledgeable" and "qualified" and represented it would do the repairs in a "workmanlike" way. According to the couple, the construction company also represented that it was a licensed mold remediation specialist. The couple claim, however, that the company is not licensed even as a contractor in Louisiana.

Shopping center in Baton Rouge recently purchased by investor

Carefully approaching a commercial real estate project with the proper tools and guidance may afford the best opportunity for success. A shopping center in Baton Rouge was recently sold for $2.47 million to an investor. According to reports, the company that bought the shopping center has the same address as a company that owns multiple pizza franchise locations. The representative for the buyer, however, noted that the pizza side of the investor's business is separate and there are currently no plans to put a pizza restaurant of the franchise the investor owns at the shopping center. The shopping center includes 19,000 square feet and 3,600 of it is vacant and includes three open spots which the purchaser plans to fill.

Lessees sue in Louisiana for breach of lease-to-purchase contract

When an individual has been the victim of a breach of contract, legal remedies may be available. Two lessees recently filed a lawsuit in Louisiana for breach of a lease to purchase home contract. The couple is suing the former owners of the home, claiming that the contract was changed over a year after the agreement was entered into. The lessees assert that they paid a $10,000 down payment on the home and made $65,000 in improvements to the home, as well as paid monthly rent for the property.

Many questions when starting a business, but all have answers

In Louisiana, a successful future for a business start up can depend on the appropriate foundation established early on. Following the formation of the great business idea is the business formation and different aspects of forming a company. Many people dream of the flexibility of being their own boss which is certainly a benefit of starting your own business but also requires the new business owner to wear many hats. Before entering the market, it may also be useful to research the market to correctly identify the problem the business is solving and the customer for the product of service.

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