Lessees sue in Louisiana for breach of lease-to-purchase contract

Lessees sue in Louisiana for breach of lease-to-purchase contract

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When an individual has been the victim of a breach of contract, legal remedies may be available. Two lessees recently filed a lawsuit in Louisiana for breach of a lease to purchase home contract. The couple is suing the former owners of the home, claiming that the contract was changed over a year after the agreement was entered into. The lessees assert that they paid a $10,000 down payment on the home and made $65,000 in improvements to the home, as well as paid monthly rent for the property.

The lessees further assert that over a year later the former owners altered the terms of the lease agreement, which resulted in the lessees being $20,000 in debt on the property. Shortly thereafter, the home was sold to the company financing the home for the lessees. The lessees are suing the former owners for breach of contract and seeking $20,000 in damages.

When the majority of people enter into a contract, they envision that the contract they are entering into will be adhered to. Sometimes, however, unexpected changes and contract disputes arise and unfortunately sale contracts and real estate contracts can result in litigation. It is important when a breach of contract has taken place to take the appropriate legal measures to properly handle the dispute and to protect any legal rights that are implicated. This can take many forms and may mean negotiation or litigation.

It is always best to approach business contracts with the appropriate forethought but when a contract dispute arises, it is important to promptly react to protect rights.

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