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September 2014 Archives

Property purchased in Baton Rouge for research center

Understanding the commercial real estate process can be a valuable tool for the development and growth of a business. A nearly one-acre sized piece of property was recently sold in Baton Rouge for $349,308. A brewing company sold the property to an arm of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. The entity that bought the property was acting on behalf of Community Foundation Realty. The Baton Rouge Area Foundation is part of developing a 33-acre site between the downtown area and LSU. The site will potentially be a center for public and private research.

The important considerations involved in forming a business

Starting a business can be an exciting time. However, choosing a business structure can have important legal and tax consequences. There are a variety of business formation options, ranging from limited liability companies to partnerships to different corporate structures. Questions such as the nature of the business, the number of employees and the specific needs of the business and the parties starting the business, can be important to consider when selecting a business form.

Louisiana man sued for breach of contract

Contract relationships are important to many businesses and individuals which is why a basic understanding of contract disputes can be helpful to contracting parties. A Louisiana man is being sued by a lumber wholesaler that claims the man owes it over nine thousand dollars for unpaid lumber. The lumber wholesale company filed a lawsuit against the man for thousands of dollars in unpaid lumber costs. The man allegedly owes the company after accepting the lumber in four different loads he picked up over two days. The company claims it ordered the lumber, which was shipped to a warehouse where the man picked it up. The company alleges that the man then failed to pay for the lumber after he picked it up and is accusing the man of breach of contract as a result. The company is seeking the $9,020 in damages it claims it is owed.

Important steps to take when starting a business

Business start-ups can have many important considerations and the answers simply depend on knowledge of the process and options. There are several common pieces of advice that people starting a business often receive. Many entrepreneurs will receive the warning that starting a company can be one of the toughest challenges anyone faces at that a new entrepreneur needs to be fully committed to succeed. One of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs may face, however, is funding the start-up company. Keeping track of profits and costs is important but there are other important budgets considerations.

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