Louisiana man sued for breach of contract

Louisiana man sued for breach of contract

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Contract relationships are important to many businesses and individuals which is why a basic understanding of contract disputes can be helpful to contracting parties. A Louisiana man is being sued by a lumber wholesaler that claims the man owes it over nine thousand dollars for unpaid lumber. The lumber wholesale company filed a lawsuit against the man for thousands of dollars in unpaid lumber costs. The man allegedly owes the company after accepting the lumber in four different loads he picked up over two days. The company claims it ordered the lumber, which was shipped to a warehouse where the man picked it up. The company alleges that the man then failed to pay for the lumber after he picked it up and is accusing the man of breach of contract as a result. The company is seeking the $9,020 in damages it claims it is owed.

Many businesses and individuals enter into business contracts with expectations for a positive outcome. When a contract dispute arises, however, the damages may be costly and frustrating. Because of this, damages may be available when a contract has been breached. A breach of contract can occur in a variety of circumstances and usually includes the failure of one party to the contract to perform agreed upon obligations under the contract.

Contracts essentially all have the same elements, however, different types of contracts may operate under different rules and allow for different remedies in the event a breach of contract occurs. Because of this, it is important to be aware of the different types of contracts that are possible and also to be knowledgeable of the rules surrounding each. Depending on the situation, breach of contract situations may be resolved through negotiation or litigation.

Whether drafting a contract or working through a breach of contract situation, it is important to have an understanding of the options available in the circumstances. Most successful business relationships involve contracts which makes a careful understanding of resources and remedies related to contract disputes important.

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