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Important things to remember when selling a business

For some business owners, there comes a time when selling a business is the best option for the business and the business owner at that time. This circumstance can present itself for a variety of reasons and it is important that business owners are protected, and take appropriate measures to protect themselves, when selling a business.

Insurance company has history of acquisitions in Baton Rouge area

Business growth and opportunities can take many forms, including through acquisitions and mergers. An international insurance broker that has completed more than 300 acquisitions worldwide in the past 12 years has also purchased multiple well-established Baton Rouge insurance agencies. A local man who worked for the company's first Baton Rouge acquisition has now become the company's regional president. In a recent interview, the many said that not much in the way of day-to-day operations changed after the Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. purchased the company he worked for back in 1991.

Steps to starting a business built for success

While ideas of starting a business may fill potential entrepreneurs with thoughts of trepidation and fear, the financial, and other, payoffs may make it worth it to go ahead and do so. Prior to diving in, however, there are some steps a hopeful entrepreneur may wish to take. First, it is important to research the market and any competitors in the market. It is also important to create a website and how the company will be presented. On that note, hopeful entrepreneurs should also have a well-thought out business plan and marketing plan.

What are the basics of zoning laws?

When deciding on a location for a business, or on where to expand a business as it grows, an important consideration may be zoning laws in the area and how the nature of the business might impact relevant zoning laws. Because of the importance of zoning laws, some people may wonder what they are and about the basics of zoning laws. Zoning laws are a type of land-use regulation that impacts the development of land and how it can be developed. For instance, commercial buildings can generally only be built in commercially-zoned areas and residential structures can generally only be built in residentially-zoned areas. Industrially-zoned areas are also common.

Contractor sues homeowner for breach of contract damages

A variety of options may be available to assist a party harmed by a breach of contract. A contractor recently brought a lawsuit against a Louisiana homeowner for breach of contract. The lawsuit concerns to an alleged agreement to elevate a home. The home elevation contractor asserts that it agreed to elevate the homeowner's house for $68,594.08. Part of the home elevation was to be paid for by a grant from the Louisiana Hazard Mitigation Program. According to the contractor, it was hired after the previous, and original, contractor was fired.

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