Contractor sues homeowner for breach of contract damages

Contractor sues homeowner for breach of contract damages

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A variety of options may be available to assist a party harmed by a breach of contract. A contractor recently brought a lawsuit against a Louisiana homeowner for breach of contract. The lawsuit concerns to an alleged agreement to elevate a home. The home elevation contractor asserts that it agreed to elevate the homeowner’s house for $68,594.08. Part of the home elevation was to be paid for by a grant from the Louisiana Hazard Mitigation Program. According to the contractor, it was hired after the previous, and original, contractor was fired.

The contractor asserts that the homeowner failed to cooperate during the final stages of the job which prevented its completion. The contractor is seeking $21,136.26 in damages it claims it is owed. It is suing the homeowner for breach of contract and the amount it asserts remains unpaid for the job. When a contract has been breached, it may leave one party unpaid for work it has done or otherwise harmed. This can be a significant burden for many businesses and individuals who are party to a contract.

Businesses and individuals harmed by a breach of business contracts may have different options available to remedy the situation. Remedies for breach of contract may depend on the nature of the breach and whether or not it is categorized as a material breach or a breach that is immaterial to the contract. Remedies can include monetary damages, court-ordered performance of the contract or cancellation of the contract. The goal of damages is to get the non-breaching party back in the position it would have been in had the contract breach not occurred.

A contract dispute may be somewhat bewildering for the non-breaching party to the contract. It is important to keep in mind that different options may be available when a party acting in good faith according to a contract has been harmed by a breach.

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