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December 2014 Archives

What tax steps should I follow to dissolve my business?

When making the decision to dissolve a business, it is important to keep in mind that there are a variety of important requirements that must be met. There are important steps to properly close a business that can relate to the business structure as well as other important tax and legal requirements it is necessary to fulfill.

Mergers and acquisitions a banking trend in Louisiana

Mergers and acquisitions can be a big step for any business. The national banking industry, for example, has seen a wave of mergers due to increased costs and competition. The consolidation activity throughout the banking industry has also had an impact on the banking industry in Louisiana. Nine banks in Louisiana have either agreed to or completed acquisitions over the past two years. The smaller banks in Louisiana that will be acquired will likely be purchased by institutions headquartered in Baton Rouge and other major Louisiana cities.

Why help with your contract needs may be important

Most people encounter a variety of different types of contracts throughout their lifetimes and you may be no different. You may have encountered contracts in both your personal and professional lives. Contracts play a variety of essential roles and are important to the success of any business. As such, contracts should be thoughtfully negotiated, drafted and reviewed.

A look at reverse mergers

The concept of a reverse merger may arise in different contexts. By definition, a reverse merger is the acquisition of a company that is already public. This process helps a merging company avoid an initial public offering, or IPO, process. It also allows start-up companies, for instance, access to a public exchange which provides opportunities for fundraising and selling the company's stock. It can provide additional benefits as well such as stock option opportunities for employees; liquid shares to purchase other companies; and credibility to attract both customers and suppliers.

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