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January 2015 Archives

Important steps for starting a business

As the U.S. Small Business Administration points out, starting a business requires extensive planning, including financial and legal planning. Additional types of planning and planning execution are also important to starting a business that will enjoy a successful and prosperous future. Because of the important nature of a business endeavor to any entrepreneur, a suggested checklist of steps can be helpful to follow in order to successfully achieve the dream of starting a business.

How do I franchise my business?

If you have interest in growing your business at a rapid pace, you may have considered franchising your business but may have a variety of questions about the process, what it entails and which types of businesses franchising works for best. Generally, franchising may be an option to grow your business in circumstances when the business model can be easily replicated.

Understanding different business forms for your company

When starting a business, deciding on what business structure is right for the company is an important consideration. Choosing a business structure should be based on the needs and goals of the business. Business structures can also be changed if necessary but it is important to have as much information as possible when first selecting a business structure that will help support the goals and success of the company.

Understanding how to handle a breach of contract is important

Many individuals may encounter a contract dispute during their lives, such as those involving contracts for builders, which is why it is important to understand the legal impact of a breach of contract. A couple in Louisiana is suing a construction company for mishandling construction loan funds during the building of the couple's home. According to the lawsuit, the couple had a contract with the major construction company to build their home. The cost of the new residential home under the contract was $463,500. The financing for the home was to be paid to the construction company by the bank in a series of installments.

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