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February 2015 Archives

Business form options and considerations when selecting one

There are many important decisions that must be made when starting a business and what entity form to choose for the business is one of them that is high on the list. Entity form selection can have significant liability and tax consequences which is why it is important to thoroughly understand the options available and the implications of selecting an entity form.

What are the benefits of mergers and acquisitions?

There are many challenges to running a business and questions that must be answered. If you have considered a merger or acquisition for your company, you may have wondered what the benefits are. To begin with, merging with another business or acquiring another business is oftentimes a sign of growth. Of course, growing your business is positive, and typically a fulfillment of a goal, for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Baton Rouge building seeks re-zoning

A request has been made to re-zone a building in Baton Rouge so it can be utilized as a restaurant. A commercial real estate realtor in the area is seeking to have the building re-zoned to facilitate an easier sale of the building. The realtor intends to make the purchase easier for a potential buyer who will not have to worry about any zoning concerns when purchasing the building which has been vacant for several years. The realtor is pursuing the re-zoning for the 3,150 square foot building which will be decided on later in the spring by a local government planning entity.

Responding to breach of contract and contract disputes

For anyone facing breach of contract accusations, it can seem like a significant threat to you or your business. Breach of contract allegations can be a significant concern. Serious financial consequences may result for the individual or company accused of breaching a contract. If you or your business are facing breach of contract accusations you may wonder what to do and how to respond. It can be equally important to know how to respond if a contract you or your business are a party to has been breached.

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