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April 2015 Archives

Buyer purchase shopping center for $1.5 million in Baton Rouge

Understanding the many aspects of a commercial real estate transaction can be useful for buyers, sellers and businesses. A shopping center in Baton Rouge was recently sold for $1.5 million. A local property company made the purchase of the shopping center. According to the future property manager of the center, the shopping center has been mostly vacant for a period of time. The shopping center is 120,000 square feet total.

What is a hostile acquisition?

A hostile acquisition, or hostile takeover, refers to the acquisition of a company other than through the purchase of the company directly. A hostile acquisition may be an important corporate strategy to achieve business goals and growth. For an acquiring company, a hostile takeover can be a challenging process. The boards of directors of many corporations commonly have mechanisms in place to attempt to prevent hostile takeovers and a targeted company may have a number of potential defenses available to it to attempt to deny a hostile acquisition.

Former company owner alleges breach of contract in Louisiana

The integrity of the contract process is essential to commerce which is why it is important to understand how to effectively respond when faced with a breach of contract. A contract dispute in Louisiana related to the sale of a nail salon has led to a lawsuit. The former owner of the nail salon is suing the current owner for $70,000 related to the alleged breach of the purchase contract. According to the former owner, she entered into a contract with the current owner to sell her nail business. The terms of the purchase contract allegedly provided for the current owner to pay the former owner an initial payment of $30,000 followed by second payment of $70,000 within one month of the initial payment.

How to set goals for your business

Setting goals can be essential to effectively guiding a business and achieving growth. One survey revealed that a majority of small business owners surveyed do not set and track business goals and also report they have no achieved their visions for their businesses. It is important to set and distinguish short-term versus long-term goals. Long-term goals should be based on a three to five year plan.

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