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June 2015 Archives

What is franchising and how can it help a business grow?

When a business owner contemplates potential growth opportunities, one that may come to mind is franchising. Business owners may have a general sense of what franchising is, but many are shaky on the details. Franchising is a business strategy that allows a business to increase the number of customers it has, retain customers and increase market share. Franchising is also a method of marketing and a method of distributing the company's products and services. Franchising can also be considered a network of shared business opportunities that allows for shared brand identification, a shared successful method of doing business and a shared proven system of marketing and distribution.

Louisiana real estate contract dispute taken to court

There are a variety of different legal solutions available to handle a contract dispute. A Louisiana real estate sale recently hit a snag when the seller of several pieces of property filed a lawsuit against a company it had a contract with for the purchase of the properties for $2 million. The owner of the properties asserts that the company that contracted to purchase the properties breached the contract and requested its deposit be returned to it.

Business owners do not have to face business disputes alone

Unfortunately, business transactions can sometimes lead to business disputes. Business transactions can come in a number of different types from the purchase or sale or goods or property and mergers, acquisitions or the sale of a business. There are a number of important considerations involved in any business transaction, including when merging with another business or acquiring another business.

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