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July 2015 Archives

Have you ever wondered how to build a business?

Building a business can be a daunting task but it can also be a dream held by many Baton Rouge residents. If you have ever wondered how to get started setting up and building your dream business, some tips and ideas may help. One of the most basic beginning steps is to write out a business plan. Secondly, it is important to thoroughly assess the market, including competitors, potential customers and rules and regulations that will apply to your industry, product or service.

Louisiana company sues for breach of contract damages

This blog recently discussed the importance of contract negotiation and formation, as well as the importance of understanding how to handle a contract dispute. A Louisiana company is suing another business for breach of contract. The Louisiana company is asserting in its lawsuit that the contract breach forced it to duplicate its costs. The Louisiana company asserts in its lawsuit that the parties had an oral agreement for crane repair parts and services related to the repair of a marine vessel.

Contracting for the success of your business

There are a number of different contract phases businesses may be engaged in throughout the life cycle of their business. Most business relationships are governed by business contracts. Business contracts require careful negotiation, thoughtful drafting, thorough review and, sometimes, knowledgeable litigation and problem solving if disputes arise. It is important that businesses and business owners are prepared to negotiate, draft, review and litigate business contracts should the need arise.

Considerations for developing a property management agreement

When approaching a management agreement, it is important to thoroughly understand the terms that are being agreed to. It is also important that every detail that is discussed is included in the agreement and that the property owner entering a property management agreement understands which terms may be standard and which may not be. There are a number of sections of a typical property management contract to pay careful attention to.

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