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August 2015 Archives

Knowing how to select the right business form is important

Starting a business in Baton Rouge can be an exciting opportunity but it can also present a number of important decisions and considerations for the business owner and entrepreneur. Businesses may be separate legal entities from individuals and different laws govern the structure, conduct and legal liability of businesses based on each different type of business form.

Louisiana couple brings claim for construction contract dispute

A contract that has been breached, including a construction contract, can have a number of consequences. A breach of contract claim was recently filed in Louisiana by a couple, asserting a flooring company installed defective flooring in their home. In the lawsuit, the couple asserts they entered into a contract with the flooring company to install hardwood flooring in their home. The couple further asserts in their lawsuit that they put down a deposit that was nearly $6,000 and that the flooring was installed by the company over a 2-day period.

Understanding how to protect trade secrets is important

Many individuals and business owners are familiar with the concept of intellectual property. When they think about protecting intellectual property, however, they may think first of patents. But there are different types of intellectual property that are in need of protection that may not include inventions. For instance, names may need to be trademarked and written material may need to have a copyright. These matters can be critically important at any time during a business' life, from formation to sale.

Long-term care facility planned for Baton Rouge

Commercial real estate transactions are exciting growth opportunities for communities and businesses, as can be seen by one recent deal. A 2.8 acre piece of land in Baton Rouge was recently purchased for $1.6 million by two companies that intend to build a memory-care facility on the land. The property was sold by a construction company which is building another planned-unit development where the memory-care facility will be located. Construction is expected to begin within a month on the 48-unit long-term care facility. The facility will be approximately 34,000 square feet and is expected to be valued at $5.2 million. The facility is expected to open during the summer of 2016.

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