Louisiana couple brings claim for construction contract dispute

Louisiana couple brings claim for construction contract dispute

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A contract that has been breached, including a construction contract, can have a number of consequences. A breach of contract claim was recently filed in Louisiana by a couple, asserting a flooring company installed defective flooring in their home. In the lawsuit, the couple asserts they entered into a contract with the flooring company to install hardwood flooring in their home. The couple further asserts in their lawsuit that they put down a deposit that was nearly $6,000 and that the flooring was installed by the company over a 2-day period.

According to the couple, a few days after the flooring was installed, it began to separate. The couple immediately contacted the flooring company. The couple asserts that when the company inspected the flooring following the couple’s complaint, they discovered that it had been damaged prior to installation. In its lawsuit, the couple further asserts that the flooring company failed to properly install the flooring according to the specifications outlined in the contract between the parties.

The couple has brought a claim against the flooring company for breach of contract a several additional allegations. The couple is seeking a number of different types of damages. Contract disputes can be a significant concern for many individuals and businesses. Damages that result when there has been a violation of contract terms can be extensive and the non-breaching party can incur a number of different types of damages when a breach of contract has occurred. Because of the important role contracts play in most commercial activities, it is important to have a careful understanding of any contract an individual is entering and how to respond if it has been breached.

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