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September 2015 Archives

Louisiana bank acquisition priced at $74.5 million

A company based on Louisiana recently completed the acquisition of the holding company for a Louisiana-based bank. The total acquisition price was $74.5 million. The combined company will have assets totaling approximately $1.5 billion; loans totaling approximately $1.2 billion; and deposits totaling approximately $1.2 billion as well. The acquiring company is the parent company of branch banks and plans to convert the acquired branch banks and their operating systems to branch banks of the parent company by the New Year. Shareholders of the acquired company will receive nearly $25 cash per share.

Understanding the process of dissolving a business

The decision to dissolve a business, and the process of dissolving a business, can be different based on the type of business. Dissolution is always an important decision for any business that should be considered carefully. Sole proprietors can dissolve their businesses unilaterally, however, partnerships, LLCs and corporations require that the co-owners of the business agree to dissolve the company according to the articles of organization guidelines.

What are the requirements for registering my business?

When starting a business there are a number of important questions that may come up. One question may concern registration requirements for your business. Some business types must be registered with the state government. Business types that generally must be registered with your state government include corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. Sole proprietorships, however, are not required to register with their state government but, at times, there may be important requirements in place of registration.

Commercial real estate project to expand Baton Rouge skyline

Commercial real estate and construction projects provide excitement and opportunities for local areas. A new construction project promises to add to the Baton Rouge skyline. The headquarters of the Water Institute of the Gulf will be newly situated on the Mississippi River. The building will comprise 33,000 square feet, including an interpretive gallery, exhibits, research labs, offices and meeting rooms. The marketing director for the commercial real estate trust developing and managing the Water Campus noted that the goal was to create an iconic structure for the Baton Rouge skyline. Area leaders note it will aid in the revival of the downtown area.

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