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November 2015 Archives

Louisiana business faces breach of contract lawsuit

A contract dispute or breach of contract can be a significant disruption for a business. A Louisiana contractor is facing a lawsuit brought by a construction company based on claims of breach of contract and contract violations. According to the lawsuit, the construction company and contractor entered into a contractual agreement for installations and repairs for a roof. The construction contract totaled $2.2 million according to the lawsuit.

How do I determine business goals?

This blog recently discussed the value of mergers as a business goal and growth opportunity. Setting goals for a business are important to its growth and success. It may become easier to achieve business goals and your vision for the company if the goals are carefully considered and defined.

Carefully managing a successful merger

Company mergers and acquisitions are a common and everyday occurrence. That is not to say that there are not challenges associated with a merger or acquisition that parties to a merger or acquisition should be familiar with. Merging businesses is an opportunity to improve the performance of each of the businesses by benefiting from the advantages and resources of both companies.

Pointers for navigating a commercial real estate transaction

This blog recently discussed the exciting potential commercial real estate transactions can hold for expansion and growth. Commercial real estate transactions present exciting opportunities but it also pays for parties to the commercial real estate transaction to be sufficiently familiar with the process. A number of different factors can result in a real estate transaction ending up in a real estate litigation situation. To avoid an unwanted real estate litigation situation, it is important to understand the many aspects of a commercial real estate transaction up front.

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