A contract dispute or breach of contract can be a significant disruption for a business. A Louisiana contractor is facing a lawsuit brought by a construction company based on claims of breach of contract and contract violations. According to the lawsuit, the construction company and contractor entered into a contractual agreement for installations and repairs for a roof. The construction contract totaled $2.2 million according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that the contractor failed to perform duties agreed upon in the contract and failed to inform the construction company of delays. The construction company asserts that as a result, the completion of duties agreed to under the contract were delayed and time and money was lost. The construction company is seeking monetary compensation for the claimed breach of contract, contract violations, lost profits and additional damages.

No business wants to deal with a contract dispute or breach of contract, however, sometimes it is an unfortunate reality of doing business that can be resolved with the proper knowledge concerning how to handle a contract dispute or breach of contract situation. Breach of contract situations can cause valuable time to be lost and can also cause financial damages for the non-breaching company of business. Depending on the circumstances, different legal options may be available to address the breach of business contract situation.

Breach of contract situations are never welcome but can be dealt with efficiently and effectively through an understanding of legal rights and remedies associated with contracts. Contracts are an important aspect of the operations and functions of any business and, because of their important role, should be carefully understood.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Eclipse Construction Co. sues contractor for breach of contract,” Nov. 20, 2015