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December 2015 Archives

A lot can ride on business formation decisions

This blog recently discussed the importance of business formation and planning when starting a new business. It is important to note that legal entities can be separate than individuals. Businesses can have different legal structures that can have different laws governing their existence, their conduct, and different legal liability implications.

How do I select the best business form for my business?

One of the most important decisions that must be made when starting a business is choosing the best business structure for your company. But how do you know which business form to select? The decision is an important one because it will impact how much the business pays in taxes, the nature of the paperwork it must complete, your personal liability in the event the business is subjected to litigation, as well as some other important considerations.

Major merger of chemical companies announced

A merger with implications for Louisiana was recently announced. Major chemical companies DuPont and Dow recently announced a $130 million merger of the two companies. The combined companies will be split into three separate businesses following completion of the merger. In a restructuring move, DuPont announced it will eliminate 10 percent of its workforce. Dow has not announced any layoffs, however, it has facilities and products that overlap with DuPont's facilities and products.

Zoning information in Baton Rouge and what it means

Zoning essentially refers to a set of laws that determine how certain property can legally be used. Property owners can obtain zoning information from the city concerning their property or can obtain a zoning verification letter for property, with certain exceptions, within the East Baton Rouge Parish.

Understanding labor liens

There are a number of different disputes that can occur as part of a contract and a number of different types of issues that can occur in the context of construction contracts. In general, a labor lien can be placed when a contractor, mechanic or other vendor wishes to ensure full payment for a contract for work on a customer's property. In circumstances when payment has not been received by the date noted on the invoice, the party can place a labor lien on the customer's property to ensure full payment of the contract.

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