Major merger of chemical companies announced

Major merger of chemical companies announced

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A merger with implications for Louisiana was recently announced. Major chemical companies DuPont and Dow recently announced a $130 million merger of the two companies. The combined companies will be split into three separate businesses following completion of the merger. In a restructuring move, DuPont announced it will eliminate 10 percent of its workforce. Dow has not announced any layoffs, however, it has facilities and products that overlap with DuPont’s facilities and products.

Combined, DuPont and Dow have 9 total facilities in Louisiana. No specific cuts have been announced concerning Louisiana. According to Dow, it is the largest chemical company in Louisiana with a combined total of 6,000 jobs in the state. While reductions are possible, in general, mergers and acquisitions have growth potential and are growth opportunities for many companies.

As companies rapidly grow and prosper, they are likely to inevitably face legal challenges and some of those legal challenges may be unfamiliar to them or challenges they have not previously faced. As a result, it is important for companies, big or small, attempting to grow through a merger or acquisition opportunity to be educated concerning the legal implications of the developments in their company. Proper knowledge of the legal process associated with a merger will help better facilitate its success.

Business challenges, including those associated with a merger or acquisition, can be met head on with the appropriate knowledge of the legal process involved. The legal process is designed to help facilitate business transactions that are as smooth and successful as possible so that companies can focus on growing and the exciting opportunities associated with expansion.

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