Zoning information in Baton Rouge and what it means

Zoning information in Baton Rouge and what it means

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Zoning essentially refers to a set of laws that determine how certain property can legally be used. Property owners can obtain zoning information from the city concerning their property or can obtain a zoning verification letter for property, with certain exceptions, within the East Baton Rouge Parish.

There are a total of 18 zoning districts and zoning districts are further divided into specific zoning districts.

Land use zoning districts can include residential, general office, commercial, light commercial, heavy commercial, commercial warehousing, industrial, rural, historic, as well as a number of additional categories.

Certain types of uses may be considered unlawful that were lawful prior to a change in the zoning laws and in those circumstances are referred to as a nonconforming use. There are certain requirements and possible damages associated with nonconforming uses. Other types of uses may be considered conditional uses because they are, in general, compatible within the zoning district but the particular use may require additional review. Conditional use may be granted based on the completion of a conditional use permit.

The way a property is zoned for use is important to owners of a property, as well as potential owners considering the purchase of a property. It may also be important when approaching the sale of a property. There are many important considerations involved in commercial real estate transactions and zoning is one of them. Individuals considering real estate opportunities should ensure they are familiar with zoning laws relevant to the transaction, as well as any additional important legal considerations involved with the transaction.

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